It's been a great season, but we had to close early due to a knee injury sustained on a personal kayak trip.  We can't wait to start tours again in March, 2021!

Create your adventure!

Customized, private kayak tours for 2 to 6 people, starting at $140 per group.  Kayak Salt Spring's mission is to provide family-oriented, educational, and environmentally friendly kayaking adventures that promote the natural beauty and preservation of Salt Spring Island's wilderness.   We use Canadian made Delta 14s and 20Ts on all of our tours. 

Private Day Tours



(not available for remainder of 2020)

2 nautical miles

Walker Hook Beach, accessible only by boat, is the largest sandy beach on Salt Spring Island. After a leisurely 30 to 45 minute paddle past eagles nests and picturesque shoreline, we stop for snacks and drinks (provided).  We have plenty of time to wander the beach before returning.


Private 2 person tour starting at $150 per group (additional people $50 per person, maximum group size 6 people) 

3 HR  4 nautical miles


4 HR  6 nautical miles

Starting from Kingfisher Cove, we paddle past pretty bays before rounding Eleanor Point.  From there the coastline changes to kelp beds and sandstone cliffs.   After a 1 hour paddle we select one of several sandy bays to stop for snacks and drinks (provided).  With spectacular shoreline, the return trip provides opportunities to  explore nooks and crannies that were were missed on the way out.  This is a good tour for anyone who likes geology.


Private 2 person tours

3 hour $175 per group 

4 hour $225 per group

(additional people $50 per person, maximum group size 6 people) 


(not available for remainder of 2020)

5.5 nautical miles

Spend a day with John learning natural history while you circumnavigate this beautiful island.  Wildlife sightings may include otters, nesting cormorants, seals and intertidal life. Best paddled on a low tide. This trip requires us to do two crossing of just over one nautical mile each. Previous paddling experience is recommended. Snacks and drinks are included.

Private 2 person tour starting at $225 per group (additional people $50/person, maximum group size 6)


2.5 HR  3 nautical miles


4 HR  6 nautical miles

Situated between Maple Mountain and Mt. Maxwell, this tour offers beautiful scenery.  The northern section of Sansum Narrows is somewhat protected from the southeast winds and is often our best option on windy days. The combination of non-turbulent currents up to 3 knots and wind can make this trip either a challenging paddle or an easy flat water tour.  Snacks and drinks are included.


Private 2 person tours

2.5 hour $150 per group 

4 hour $200 per group

(additional people $50/person, maximum group size 6)



2 HR  3.5 nautical miles

With great protection from strong winds, this beautiful trip can be done on almost any day no matter what the weather.  Starting deep in the harbour, we head out past the ferry terminal and beautiful houses towards Nose Point.  Coming  back on the opposite side there are opportunities to check out little bays and islands including Clamshell Islet.

(this tour has no stops or snacks)

Private 2 person tours

$140 per group 

(additional people $40/person, maximum group size 6)


As a locally owned, family based sea kayaking business, we are always open to creating the kayak adventure you've always dreamed of.


Some ideas to get you thinking:


Honeymoon picnic & kayak tour

Home school educational tour

Chocolate Beach kayak tour


If you're interested in creating a fully customized kayak tour package please don't hesitate to contact us. We'd love to hear from you!

Pricing will depend on your kayak tour plans, length of the tour, group size, etc. 

Please request a quote


John and Caroline Topham are the owners of Kayak Salt Spring, a family based kayak guiding company with a focus on natural history and marine biology education.


Your Kayak Guide: John grew-up playing on the shores of the Salish Sea then earned degrees in biology and education from the University of Victoria. He is a cofounder of Oak and Orca Bioregional School in Victoria, where he worked for 8 years as Science Teacher and Field Trip Coordinator. He is certified as a guide by the Sea Kayak Guides Alliance of B.C. and as an instructor by Paddle Canada. 


Host & Co-ordinator: Caroline, who has a background in education and small business management, is coordinating the trips from home. We have a small fleet of kayaks that include Delta 14s for singles and Delta 20 Tandems for families and couples



Closed for the season.  Open again in March 2021

Please read "Before You Book" 

(We do not sell or rent kayaks.)

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